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    Cloud computing.

    5 january 2019, 10:40

    Cloud computing


    Ethereum start-up ConsenSys has entered into a partnership with the world-renowned manufacturer of computer chips Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) to create a new cloud computing infrastructure based on blockchain technology.

    The document says that, in partnership with AMD, a startup is working with the investment firm Halo Holdings from Abu Dhabi on the W3BCLOUD project. The latter is a cloud architecture for decentralized applications.

    ConsenSys will provide its expertise in blockchain solutions, and AMD will become a supplier of "high-performance hardware technologies for better scaling and deployment of decentralized networks and services".

    Both companies expressed confidence that the solutions they are developing in areas such as smart identification, corporate data centers, medical data tracking, licensing and supply chain management will be in demand among large companies and state agencies.